Property Projects

Individual property project updates. HMO/BTL/Developments etc. Target is future potential investors and the like.

Take a tour…

Our latest project, demonstrated brilliantly!   Here we have a video tour of our most recent property development. For us, this is a fantastic way to offer a view of our space to potential tenants. Plus, investors are able to see the magic their capital helps create!

We’re in the news!

Some lovely words from Derby Hub! I am so glad to have joined Derby Hub, they are helpful in tonnes of different ways and it feels great to be part of a community doing so much good. Follow the link below to have a quick read: Derby Hub’s LinkedIn post

Offer accepted!

Offer accepted! We’ve had an offer accepted conditional on planning permission (we don’t take significant planning risk) and the conveyancing process is underway. It’s a town centre mixed use retail/residential property which we plan to covert into 9 beautiful studio apartments for professionals seeking that extra level of privacy, which an HMO cannot offer. This …

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We’re getting busy

We’re getting busy! In recent days we’ve seen an upturn in the number of opportunities we’ve been able to create. What stands out is the quality of these opportunities as we’re talking to the seller directly and therefore able to explain our philosophy of shared value, have a realistic conversation about price and convey our …

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We’re Branching Out

We spoke to about our recent office move. Being closer to our network, investors and tenants is invaluable at times like these. Plus, having that shared workspace is great for socialising and mental health too!

Keep up to date

We have much more coming at Enable Property Solutions, make sure you keep up to date and feel free to get in contact via our details should there be anything you wish to discuss! Facebook Twitter Youtube